Understanding Coffee

Coffee shop is selling espresso (concentrated coffee) as their basic menu. But customer may personalise or customise their drink by adding some flavour, milk, etc. Now coffee shop already provide popular menu to standardise what the actual drink they able to provide in the store.

WordPress to Google+

When I activate publicize feature on WordPress to Google+, it always being shared privately. I do not have any idea about that and why. Let’s see whether this would work or not. It works! Here’s how,

Ingress : Pokémon Go Predecessor

Launched at 7 July 2016, Pokémon Go is a success augmented reality game. Although it was only launched only for USA users but worldwide users are downloading the APK from other sources other than Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Me, playing Ingress instead of Pokemon Go.

Wireless is Future

I got wireless my headphone, earbud, even phone charger. I do not see many benefits from being wired on those gadgets.

No Medicine Required

A week ago, I have been sick for a few days, flu to be exact, and now confidently I could say I feel better already. After years, I have taken no medicine at all for such disease. Two keys, good food and good sleep.

Attempt to Recovery

Last month was a blast, I tried to recover the habit which I have lost since doing the project. I have tried to post every single day ever since, for every moments and ideas which I think worth to share. And it was almost success!

Go-Box Experience

Yesterday I used Go-Box to move all of my goods moved into the new living place, again. It was easy, transparent price, and good driver. I estimated (and also surveyed too) if I used convenient way, I would get price doubled compared to Go-Box offering for 11 km distance.

I Have Failed But I Am Not A Failure

He crashed while flying near the cliff and fell off to the ground afterwards. He did the recovery for months and he was back, ready to fly again. He said his mistake was being fearless. Wait what? Watch the video to find the complete stories.

Today I Read

To balance writing activities, I should increase my habit to read. It took sometime for me to list some posts I favourite. And I would like to share them to you.

Marvel Superhero Movies

Captain America: Civil War is the latest movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) which already hit more than $1B revenue in worldwide record. Produced by Marvel Studios, it has released other 13 features films which also shared continuity each other. Remember many Marvel movies has ending credit scene at the very end of film? It is an…

Live Your Life

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, lost her husband a year ago and recently she shared how she had learned about death along last year to graduates. She gave commencement speech on University of California Berkeley’s graduation. And here is what she has learned.