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Thanks to @ianhutomo for sharing this apps. Recently I have just known that I can publish a post to via MS Word. And wow, Windows has its own app for publishing post. Beside, you can use this to publish post to other platform like Blogger, TypePad, and other common blog platforms.

Hmm… this app has more features than MS Word has. *yaeyalahyun* Cool! You should use this if you love blogging and a Windows user. :P I will attach some pictures below about this app.


Find your app here. Hm.. I don’t even know whether app has been installed before :)) The magic of Windows? *wink


Welcome to configuration :D Don’t panic! It’s an easy one.


 windowslivestart4 windowslivestart5

If you have account


Or you have WordPress self hosted account to your domain just like I have

 windowslivestart7 windowslivestart8 windowslivestart9

I tried to allow this apps to have a preview post before I publish, but it was failed to download the theme :( Not a lucky one, but nevermind, it is a complementary feature only.



I see some awesome features here that I have tried yet. Interesting! *hahahahaha. lupa skripsi*


I can attach link from my post there without checking it via browser. Cool!


Inserting pictures dialog

Hi readers, what apps do you use for blogging?


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