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Last night I came to Depok Town Square and found Sitra Wimax booth at lobby. I was interested to WiMax technology since this stuff actually had been exist in Indonesia since I was in third year in Depok (2010). And Sitra had been a big sponsor for CompFest 2011. It takes long time, sooo long time before finally arrived in Depok.

Sitrawimax booth
Sitrawimax booth

Before reading more about SitraWimax information here, I recommend you to check coverage ( whether your room or place is covered by them or not. Covered? Okay let me tell you more about this product.

sitrawimax coverage
Sitrawimax coverage

No simcard

Unlike other providers, they do not have simcard given to users, but users should have their modem. They claimed that their technology is different, we call it 4G so it can not be operated to common modem. Yeah, I know some of them are designed for 3G connection. But should I buy your modem to have 4G connection? Oh c’mon dude, this is a freedom country! I want to change to other provider if their services are better than you. In other words, I do not like it personally.

Plan and Packages

There are two plans offered, Plan 199 and Plan 299. They are having promo right now (until September 2012, CMIIW). Their promo is offering discount for early adopters and free modem. FYI, actually modem price is 300K IDR, but since you subscribe it while they are having promo, you get it free. Sounds interesting? You can read it more detail on their Plan and Package (

Payment method

They offers post paid service. So they will send you bill/invoice monthly to your house. And you should pay it by transferring to SitraWimax account at BCA. Honestly I am still confused by their term of post-paid while you can not enjoy full speed all the time. Because after you reach maximum quota, your speed will turned into snail/turtle speed until the beginning of your period. Period here is when you activate your service at June 14th, so your end period is July 13th. And your period will begin at July 14th. Hm, maybe a common term for this service is called unlimited package.

Sitrawimax brochure
Sitrawimax brochure

Okay, let me compare

I have tried two internet package services, Indosat M2 and Tri. I pay 125K IDR monthly for IM2 connection and 125K IDR monthly for Tri connection. They are offering 3GB and 5GB respectively. Compared to their package, I should pay 199K IDR monthly to have 5GB or 299K for 15GB. More expensive? I think yes if it is compared to Tri service.

About the speed, you claimed you will not meet any difficulties to play video from Youtube. And I have watched it by myself. Your connection is pretty fast. It was so fascinating for beginning but then I try to play Vimeo. Your connection seems lame, as same as other providers that I have subscribed.

I pay IM2 service by using CIMB Niaga Internet Banking. I pay Tri service by buying cellular balance and then subscribed to their internet package. So easy and can be done by every people. But this service requires you to transfer the money to BCA account. If you do not have BCA account, I bet you will get lazy to pay it monthly by attending queue to teller. Again, personally I do not like it because I do not have BCA account.

If you find another 4G service by other provider and even better, what will you for your modem? Get it to the trash and going to subscribe to that new service? Again and again, I do not like it personally. I want freedom! (҂’̀⌣’́)9

But SitraWimax,

I see your technology is promising one. Your product will lead network condition in Indonesia become faster and faster. I see the reason of setting expensive price because your product is new here and you set the initial/pivot price, isn’t it?. Any predictions about the time of your technology will be deployed and used by much people in Indonesia? Just curious and I am sure you have the answer. And I hope you will have my opinions as feedback for you :-)

More info:

Readers, would you subscribe SitraWimax as your internet provider?


2 thoughts on “Sitra Wimax

  1. wah, pake urusan transfer segala, BCA lagi -_-“.
    Sebenarnya, gw lagi pake Tri juga. Di sekitaran kampus OK banget, tapi kalo di kosan itu dapatnya Edge, makanya mau berpindah.


    1. di tulisan ini pendapat pribadi gue ya gung setelah gue tanya2 booth di lobby itu.
      coba nanti kalau lo sempet ke kutek, tanya2 lagi aja buat mastiin teknis non-koneksi kayak begituan.
      menurut gue penting soalnya bakal pengaruh ke kegiatan bulanan elo.
      good luck bro. semoga dapet koneksi yang maknyus di kosan yak.


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