Western Diets

Some people claim that what people eat in many Westerns countries is unhealthy and that their diet is getting worse. Critics say that these countries should change their diet.

What are your opinions on this?

Based on Sciencedaily news, there are three dietary patterns in the world. They are (1) oriental which has higher intake of tofu, soy, and other, (2) prudent which has higher intake of fruits and vegetables, and (3) western which has higher intake of fried foods, salty snacks, eggs, and meat. From the same article, we know that people who consumed Western diet had a 35 percent greater risk of having a heart attack compared to people who consumed a little or no fried foods and meat.

Another study said that cancer patients who ate fattening foods had almost four times the risk of reoccurrence or death. It is different compared to patients who ate greater quantities of fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish appeared to fare better. From the same article, we know that high fat diet chosen by many people in developed countries.

There is also other similar term called Standard American Diet. It is a stereotypical diet of Americans which about 50% carbohydrate, 15% protein, and 35% fat. It is not following dietary guidelines which about 55% carbohydrate, 15% protein, and 30% fat.

According to those researches, I could not more agree that western diet is unhealthy. It is not following dietary guidelines. Furthermore it even causes heart attack and make cancer getting worse.