TED Talks: Vijay Kumar and His Autonomous Robots

Very impressive, fascinating, awesome, …

And other words kind of that. Have you watched Prometheus? They have robots which could mapping inner building by having their robots do that. The robots are flying around and get the 3D textures around them and scraping them into a map. And I was surprised that this technology (that I have seen in film) actually had been developed in this world. You could watch this TED Talks.

You do not understand about what I mean? See this Prometheous movie clips. See at 1:18. That red-flying-thing actually making a map of the building.

And see this TED Talk Video (or TED Blog, both have the same content and video) started from 12:00. It is using Kinect technology to map the 3D textures around them (robots). And it works like the movie showed in the film. What an awesome (and scary) technology.

What is your opinion about this technology?