Smoking Ethics

Cigarette has became an addictive thing to some people. They may consume it, but they also should do the smoking ethics. What is smoking ethics?

For your information I am not smoker, thanks God. Nevertheless, this post is not intended to encourage smoker to stop smoking. I am certainly sure they already know the damages they would have, they should be responsible to their self about what they do. But my aim here is to encourage them avoid damages people around them who are not smoking.

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Smoking Ethics?

I have many close friends who are smokers but I am often talking many things while they are smoking. I am not bothered because they know how to smoking ethically, such as

  1. They ensure to make the smoke being far from me.
  2. They trash the cigarette waste

Shamelessly, those simple ethics often being ignored by other smokers. I often found some cigarette waste on the road (even the ember was still burning). It could be dangerous for people who maybe did not wear any footwear by chance. Besides, throwing away the cigarette waste is irresponsible thing. Putting off the waste into trash is the smoker obligation after enjoying the cigarette.

I had another experience about unethical smoker. At that time, I ate delicious Soto Ayam Surabaya. But suddenly the taste became terrible after I smelled smoke from smoker behind me. Ugh, imagine the delicious taste changed into smoke taste, it should be crappy taste. I am certainly sure that smoker would not smoking while eating.

One more thing,

I beg you not to have jokes by using such this sentence “not smoking, not really a guy” (translated from Indonesian slang words ‘gak cowok banget sih ga ngerokok’). This sentence would not affect me at all, but I think it would be potentially dangerous if someone said that to teenagers. At that age, I think they are not very sure what is right and what is wrong. They might feeling left behind, different, then curious about cigarette and attempt to smoking. Began with attempting repeatedly, it would be a habit and addictive to them.

Actually human do not need to smoke, but addictive makes human think they can not live without it. I have tolerance for smokers, it’s okay for you to smoke with many reasons that you have. But please I beg you not to intimidate or invite others to smoke too. Thanks.

So what do you think about smoking ethics? Hmm..