New Indosat Internet Subscription

A new packet has been offered by Indosat. If we could subscribe max 500MB packet before, now we can subscribe up to 6GB. (yes Byte, not bit). What should I say? Wow!

Why I (and you) should say wow? By subscribing this, you have 3,6 Mbps speed!. (yes, it’s bit now, confused? I will explain later). It’s pretty fast anyway, you can watch youtube without buffering (you don’t need 4G to have it, 3G does that). Wow!

How to subscribe? Dial *363# and choose whatever package you want. But I recommend you to choose quota package (unlimited is bad anyway, IMO). Then choose the quota amount that you need. Next month I’m going to try 2GB package. XD of course it would replace my current internet subscription to other provider.

Here I attached the screenshot for you. Enjoy!

Anyway about bit and Byte. 1 Byte is 8 bit. It means 1 MB is bigger than 1 Mb. See the 6 GB package and 3,6 Mbps (Mb per second). Still confused? Leave comments if you have