Hello Windows 8

After several years using XP even there were Windows Vista and Windows 7, finally I install Windows 8 on my notebook. It’s original one and I bought it only around 700K in bhinneka.com or just use this shortlink amyun.us/51. Grab it fast before February 2013!

Windows 8 Pro Package
Windows 8 Pro Package
Windows 8 Pro Inside
Windows 8 Pro Inside

Actually there are 3 packages with different price. There are 150K, 400K, and 700K. But there are any requirements that made me not to be able to purchase 150K and 400K package. See comments there for more detail explanation.

So yeah, hello Windows 8!

Windows 8 Start Menu
Windows 8 Start Menu

A few moments when installing


3 thoughts on “Hello Windows 8

  1. I should add notes as reviews
    1. I am confused where to find apps even simple one such as paint or notepad
    2. My keyboard has strangely changed. Char ” and @ is exchanged each other. Until now I could not solve this problem.
    3. Windows Mail app. It always force me to verify the email address even I have verified it.

    1. Tips: Just search it or view it by right click when opening start menu
    2. It’s keyboard layout setting. I had UK keyboard layout, I did not know when setting it to UK. After all I set it to US layout and normal again.
    3. I restart it and notification to force me verify gone. But it still blank.

    I am having difficulties when installing .NET Framework 3.5. I am currently getting through troubleshooting here. Wish me luck!


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