Routine Jogging

Running as exercise is not about how fast you run nor how far you go. The matter of your exercise is your routine to make your body keep healthy. Once again, make it routine.

So run routinely. Every day, every two days, every three days, every week, it doesn’t matter.

After that, next stop is make it consistent. The speed and your distance. Try to keep it consistent since the beginning until the end. It doesn’t matter you run only 6 kph (some said 6-9 kph is jogging, not running) but you make it as your consistent speed until your finish line. I’m a bit disagree when you run 12 kph for 10 minute beginning then the rest you are walking.

Make progress. On the next week, try to increase gradually your speed or your distance.
1st week: 6 kph and 3 km
2nd week: 8 kph and 3 km OR 6 kph and 5 km
3rd week: etc.

Running seems the most cheapest exercise but be careful, have a proper stretching and nutrition to avoid injury to your body. Keep running!

PS: This is a picture I took while I was jogging. Guess! Is it a morning run or evening run?


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