Medical Check

Not a complete one but I checked my tension, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, and triglyceride.

My blood sugar was too low. I did not expect it. Seems I need my sweety. #kode #eaaa

My uric acid was good but I should eat less nuts. No, I am not that nuts. I swear.

Cholesterol? Thank God, it’s under control. Uuu yeah! \m/

Triglycerides. The checker was surprised I had that low TG. She never acknowledge that low ever. She said probably it’s the effect of my routine workout. Once again, uuu yeah!

It costs IDR70K. Is it cheap or expensive? For me it’s cheap to know my body condition. Compared to medcheck in hospital, at least costs IDR500K for one time check.

Next month I plan to check my condition again. Should be better. Amen.