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Music streaming is not a new thing for me. I have tried this since LangitMusik, MelOn Indonesia, and MixRadio came to Indonesia. Since then I was the user of Guvera and Rdio which I had tried and ‘Meh!’, I was disappointed to its user experience and service. I was also user of Ohdio, music streaming from Indonesian company. After finally I became a longtime user of Deezer Indonesia.

I was not so satisfied to playlist which curated by Deezer Indonesia. Hence why I subscribed and able to choose my own song and also capable to listen it offline. I loved it.



Spotify came to Indonesia, it has good curated playlist that I don’t even need to pay subscription. Yes, I am enjoying its service for free now. I know by having it free means ads playing in the middle of playlist (not song!), not capable to playing offline, etc and etc. I don’t mind that since based on my experience I could listen it on the road without any problems. Streaming online just fine.

I have also tried Apple music, if some of you probably ask, but no, I was not impressed at the time

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