Train Online Ticketing


For your information, train ticket is already available at H-90. Means ticket for 10 July 2016 is able to be purchased at 11 April 2016 00.00.01 WIT (West Indonesia Time). Yes, I was up at the middle of the night to purchase it online. The result was good, I got the ticket! Yeay!


A few years ago, train ticket was not available online. We had to queue in front of the counter. We were up at the middle of the night at the station, yes AT THE STATION. Now we are able to purchase it via Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) website.



I open 5 tabs on my browser.

  5. to monitor the exact atomic time of 00.00.01 WIT


After hitting 00.00.01, I refresh all KAI websites to be able to pick option departure ticket at 10 July 2016. It takes sometime, indeed, be patient. If it is failed load, calm down, keep refresh the page. After each of them already successfully refreshed, I rush to fill all of the information needed to book the ticket.


Speaking of payment, I always and always choose ATM as mode of payment. Why? I do have 3 hours to do payment as confirmation. Thus why sometime I book different tickets between tabs (destination/train/time). So I would have options before doing payments.


Because, traveloka, etc are third party which accessing KAI data via interface called API. Based on my experience, all of tickets were always displayed as Fully Booked status. But when I checked KAI website directly, some tickets actually were still available.


Flight is not my priority since price is very very high. Also nothing to rush so I have to book airplane ticket as my very option to go Jakarta/Surabaya. I prefer to spend my time enjoying the ride on the train.


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