Big Project Is Over

My main blog which I have tried very very hard to publish (at least) a post every single month for years, has been hiatus since January 2016. I took this project as an excuse because I have pushed all my efforts into it. *finger crossed*

What did I do?

My main task in 3 months after project go live (January 18th 2016) was supporting users nearly 1000 branches, 14,000 employees, and 4,000,000 customers. Answering inquiries how to do this and that in new system and doing troubleshoot for all the issues occurred.


First Month

A week before project go live, I got an accident and fortunately only hurt my skin on my right body (hand and leg). I mean no broken bones or worse. So I was still able to support the project.

At the first day I was not going home. I went to hotel at 3am to sleep and going back into office at 7am. In the first week I barely had lunch for answering all the emails and closing the tickets. In the first month I was going home nearly midnight every day.

Weekend? Ha ha. You should know this bank also has weekend banking. Besides, weekend was the only time we able to settle things which not settled yet in the weekdays.

To all my friends who held marriage at that time, I am so sorry could not make it


Second month and third month, thank God system was quickly stabilized (suprise surprise!). Issues were known and solved quickly. Not many major issues occurred. Still, many things to do for supporting the project, answering emails of frequently asked questions, closing tickets, creating tutorials, and many others.

Now project is officially over. All issues now handled by BAU team. I am very glad having a great team on this project.

Pssst! We had a short trip to Cirebon last month.

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4 thoughts on “Big Project Is Over

  1. congrats mas yun! haha team aku juga dateng ke event kemaren, haha dan begadang2 tidur paginya.

    take some rest and few day holidays to recharge your mind and soul :)


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