Consistency Is Hard

At the very beginning of the year, some of us created New Year Resolution. Instead of letting life lead the way along the year, we made targets. Some of us succeed at the first week then forget the resolutions and doing the same habit every year.

Credit: Casey Neistat

Being Consistent

The first time I tried to be consistent was I had to take a shot every single day. Guess how long it went? 106 shots and stopped. I am not sure why I stopped at the time, maybe internet connection issues. Ha ha, blaming tools.

Another consistency was input all expenses in application called Toshl Finance. Previously I even input in web version every day. Hence why I was able to evaluate my expenses every month, even every week or day. My expenses were tracked in a good way. Until I moved into Kontrakan, I think, expenses were very high after purchasing this and that home tool and I was not that brave to see how big I had spent the money. Ha ha.

I also tried very hard to publish a post every month on my main blog. Until that project went live and I barely had time to maintain it. I consider to post my learning process of the project on that blog, as my apologize to myself.

Pssst.. Let’s see if I could make my habit back!

Casey Neistat

I knew this guy since he did not started his daily vlog yet. Maybe this or this video, you might start this playlist before watching his daily vlogs. But since he started it, he could not stop (yet).

Amazing! How he crafted a good video of his life every day. He took all of the shots and editing all of them become a single entertaining video for us. He has done it every single day until now (this post published). Sleepless man, I would say.

He traveled a lot. I imagine if I were him, I would make it as an excuse (LOL) but he didn’t. He still uploading even it has a very slow connection and using only laptop to edit the video.

He is my role model for now, for being consistent, taking risk, being himself, honest, and kindness.

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