Appreciating The Originality

Have you ever watched On The Spot Trans 7? That program actually just using the some downloaded footage from YouTube then compile it into a video. Do they ask any permissions to the creators? I highly doubt it since they even only write the credit “Courtesy of YouTube”, not the actual creators channel.

On The Spot Trans 7

I know the consequences by uploading our works on the internet, they might be pirated. But c’mon, pirated for commercial activities, watched in public frequencies, and using it just because they got it “free”? Trans 7 staff might have efforts while editing and compiling the footage. But getting the shots, selecting the best shots, and working on them to upload it on YouTube require more efforts than you probably imagine.

You might also hear about freebooting of YouTube videos to Facebook and they finally took it as serious issues. More information about freebooting.

Fighting Piracy

I have been fighting piracy since 2010. I even wrote blogpost about that. Six years have been passed and I am still not using pirated products. Operating System? I bought it when Windows 8 was just launched and the price was 70% lower than its price now. Windows 10 for free, of course why not. MS Office? I have licensed version of MS Office 2007 but not even installing it on my private notebook. I am using Google Docs as my word processor and spreadsheet and it’s been enough for me.

How about movies, series, and songs?

Movies? I often watching film at theater, watching film surrounded by big speaker is more enjoyable. Series? Fortunately I had no favorite series right now, except Sherlock Holmes. But no, I have no downloaded file of those series in my notebook. I heard Netflix and Hooq in Indonesia but I have not tried yet. Songs? I use Spotify for now, for FREE.


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