Productive Vs Consumptive

I have used internet since it was about only Indosat M2 which provided a small dongle that connect the computer to the Web. I got 2 GB subscription which required 200 K IDR as the most affordable option at the time and it was enough. Now I might get 20 GB for the same money using Bolt.

I could not imagine how much I have spent to be connected to internet since years ago. Mainly connected to email, blogs, YouTube, some feed readers, software updates for notebook and smartphone, and etc. And now I think I have to spend it not only to consume but also to create.

Being productive means I have to utilize all of the things I have to produce something. Instead of consuming other people contents (or applications), I have to create something which are useful for others. If I already created something, I have to produce more than I consume.


I recognize this behavior as basic concept to give rather than take something for granted. I might not get back values financially but I am really sure it would be something others. I have shared my thoughts, it would attract others who have the same thoughts. Or travel experience, it could be useful for others who are having “research” related to the destination. Or products, it could be useful for others who need.

Pssst.. related to works, I have created WordPress theme, web application, and Android application. I plan to produce more of them later this year. I put this post a reminder and commitment for the end of year evaluation.

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