Public Platform is Better

If you are focusing more on publishing rather than custom function that built in your website, public platform is much more preferable than hosting by your own. Why?

Easy to Maintain

Or not even at all. There are WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Blogger. They are free and you may use them as platform to publish your ideas, thoughts, and experiences. You have not to worry about hackers/crackers who might break your website. You have not to worry about down time of your website due to exceeding bandwidth after your post going viral. You have not to worry anything except being focus on your content.

Easy to be Discovered

Instead of being discovered by Google, a giant search engine, your content might be found through the platform itself. Usually they have a feature which helps readers to find any contents based on topic/interest. Even it’s a standard feature that every publishing platform should have, the method how they deliver the content are different. Some might use this algorithm or that algorithm, to maximize readers keep being engaged into the platform.

What’s your public platform you are using and why?

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