Hire A Coach!

Consistency is hard, indeed, but here are the things we could do to accomplish each goal that we wrote as our resolution at the beginning of the year,



Make them meet every aspect of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). This is important to help us measure what is the final point and how is our progress going there. So we may able to adjust the pace to keep on track reaching the goals.

Be Progressive

Sometimes creating attainable goal is confusing. We may not know whether our goal is highly or unlikely attainable. Alternatively, we may separate them into easier short term goal that we may reach very quick in the near time.

Let’s say if we have goal to wake up at 3 AM every morning. It would be better if we do not set the alarm to be 3 AM at the first day. We may set them at 5.15 AM at the first day, then 5.10 AM, then 5.05 AM, and so on.

Or reading a book for a day. We may start from read a book in a month. Then increase the target into a book in bi-week, and then a book for a week, and so on.

Be Accountable

If we are being very really serious about it, being accountable is something we should have to reach the goals. It helps us to keep the commitment and being consistent on our progress. We may have partner to help us keep on track. For example, if we want to have goals on body-weight program, we may hire a coach/trainer to help our training. It is costly, indeed, but we also have free ways to it.

Such as publish it into public. We may write it on the blog, micro-blog, etc. Automatically we might feel being pushed to commit for all the things we have told them what to accomplish in the mean time.

What are your goals? You may share them below

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