Shampoo Is Bad

Generally known as no-poo movement. They agree that shampoo contains some chemical addictive which may affect worse to their hair. It might irritate the skin, make hair dry, and even accelerate hair fall. Is it normal? Is it good? I am still using shampoo anyway, fyi.

Light bulb gallows by unknown

Morality Judge

Human are taught to do what human before them. It is abnormal to see other people do something different. Because being normal is doing the same what everyone does.

But being normal is not necessarily good. Doing what only a few people do is also not necessarily bad. You might do something else since you have different standard by saying it is good or it is bad. Everyone stands for a reason for what they do.

It is not about how they do it, it is about how you should do it

Just Do It!

Some people are afraid to make mistakes. Life is full of mistakes which make us learn which is good and which is bad. As the proverb says, experience is the best teacher. Human make mistakes, they just need to fix what is bad and making what is already good being better.

But not necessarily you have to make mistakes to learn. There are always any other ways to learn and avoid same mistakes.

So if you do not know whether something is good or bad to do and you know no one to ask, just do it.

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