Let’s Create Vlog!

Vlog is just another media for creator to publish their ideas to the world. Creators are called as blogger which using blog as medium, vlogger are using video. And they are now just trending in Indonesia, mostly are daily vlog. Note that you do not have to post daily vlog, it could be anything such as travel videos, how to videos, and etc.

Popular video platform which is known so far is YouTube. It is a company that acquired by Google a few years ago. Another platform which I know is Vimeo. I do not quite understand why Vimeo is usually used by professional as their showcase to their employer. But they are awesome platform, you may choose which one suits your need or taste.



Why Video?

This media is able to deliver much more content than writing. Audience able to see what exactly happened, even noticing detail which creator does not. Creators also able to add some background music to “manipulate” the content. I also believe that bonding between creator and audience is stronger using this medium since audience able to see the emotions and expression of creators.


Making video is hard. It requires decent camera, sophisticated computer, and also an expensive software. No! Exactly not, I have created some videos which were created only using my smartphone. Of course we should manage the compromised aspect by using smartphone instead of that expensive gigantic camera.

Video editor for Windows, you might use Lightworks as an alternative. Previously Microsoft provided Windows Movie Maker but now seems already discontinued. I still remember a movie that my friends and I made for school task. Using camcorder from our teacher and rendering on our friend who was a freak gamer. Note that gamer has decent specification of personal computer, still we have to render it about 12 hours. Lesson learned: Use SSD instead of hard disk drive on your PC, please.

Apple iOS/OSX is iMovie. I am not sure it is available for all devices but I have tried its features in iPad. It is just good enough for me. No, I do not own an iPad, I just using it in Apple Store. Ha Ha. You may add some video editor for iOS in comments below.

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