BlackBerry Is (Going To Be) History

Looking the numbers, Android is leading smartphone OS last year by having 80% of marketshare in the world. Though, only 4.6% devices have been upgraded to the latest version Android Marshmallow. The rest are still using JellyBean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

Android and iOS

I never use iOS yet but considering its battery life, I prefer Android. Also the price of iOS devices and its accessories are also expensive. I do not know about the user experience. But as far as I know, developers support iOS more than Android. Many many applications are built exclusively in iOS and not built in other smartphone OS version.

Why? Probably since iOS users spent double last year than Android users. As developer, building Android application is for popularity and building iOS application is for revenue.

Windows and BlackBerry

I am Windows Phone user and I feel Microsoft does not fully support its OS to be adopted by devices which utilizing its previous OS. Previously known as Windows Mobile then migrated to Windows Phone, now called as Windows 10 Mobile. Each migration does not fully give any backwards compatibility.

For example, my device Lumia Nokia 920 is not able to be upgraded into Windows 10 Mobile, even Nokia Lumia 1020. How to check whether your devices supported or not? Use Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app.

Reference : How Android gets to 100% market share

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