Video Editing For Fun

My friends asked me repeatedly about how to create videos. Instead of answering questions many times and perhaps useful for others, I would share this in a blogpost. So here we go,

What software do you use to edit video?

PowerDirector. You may see my works using it on my playlist. Since I make video for fun, my activity on a video are just slicing videos and combine them into a single video. No further complex activities such as synchronize, color grading, color correction, animation, and so on. It would require more powerful software and it might not be performed using only smartphone.

How do you record timelapse?

Many ways to record timelapse. Easiest one is just record a video and make it faster 4x, 8x, or even more. Panasonic Lumix GM1 and my smartphone have built in feature. Canon DSLR camera also can but it requires MagicLantern to enable timelapse feature. Also you have to combine them after those are captured.

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