Taken For Granted

Today I wake up as usual but feeling something different. Thank God I am still able to lay down on soft mattress and sleep comfortably. I take bath, thank God I am still able to get clean water to wash my body. So on and so on.

Always Be Thankful

That is a thing that I say to myself again and again. Fresh air, clean water, healthiness, are some bless that some of us have taken for granted. Imagine that other person are quite difficult to get the fresh air around dirty plants, far access to clean water, and being sick doing nothing on the bed.

How To Be Thankful?

Not meant to say by saying Thank God is enough, act is much more better. Such as,

  • Have an morning exercise. Breathe the fresh air before anyone came out and enjoy the great body as far as you can.
  • Make sure every water drop is not wasteful. Brush your teeth properly.
  • Spend well your money. Invest some and buy only what you need. Do not forget to give some for charities.
  • Use your free time out have to produce something useful for others.

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