(IDEA) Create Vlog Easily

This is just an idea of creating an application. I am pretty sure there are many similar ideas out there. I have just not found them yet. Leave comments below if you found any.

So this is the description of the application,


Video platform becomes popular since Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook live, etc. Creating Vlog is also a hype recently and many people suddenly creating vlog about their days. But since tools for creating good videos are expensive and much efforts are needed to create videos, we need a tool to make it simpler to create and share.

How It Works?

  • Application would help to create 1 minute video
  • Application would require at least 10 clips to create the video
  • Application would require each video to have minimum 10 seconds length
  • User may choose available audio resource (template) as background music
  • User able to create video in offline mode, without uploading video into server


What Platform?

Strongly suggested to create on mobile platform, iOS or Android, it is your decision. But maybe desktop application is much more realistic. Since it has more powerful machine than mobile.

How To Monetize?

  • If user want to insert custom audio (their own music)
  • If user want to delete the watermark
  • If user want to create video longer than 1 minute

What is the result expectation?

Please see below

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