Toshl Finance 2.0

When you found your credit card expense is more than 30% of your salary, you should be aware of your financial health. You may setup your budget and try not to spend over the budgeted amount. How to track all of those expenses?

I have written a blogpost about Toshl Finance, it is in Indonesian, but it is still old version. Recently they have launched Toshl version 2.0 and we able to use it on WebApp, iOS, and Android (Beta). Some people I know are confused to the makeover and move to another app to track the expense. So far, I enjoy the features and using the WebApp for stable version.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 15.57.07

Is It Useful?

Some new features that I notice are accounts, location, image attachment on expense item, and advance budgeting. Accounts feature able to track all of our bank account, prepaid card, and credit card. This feature is useful for me to monitor the prepaid card since I can not do inquiry of its balance using internet banking. Location and image attachment helps you to provide additional information of expense. In budgeting, you may set budget by percent of your income. Cool!

You may refer to tutorial provided in their blog.

Try it on WebApp, iOS, and Android

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