Setting Up The Price

A few weeks ago, I sold my used electronic equipments and I also was asked by friends to sell their gadgets. Well, selling is my favourite hobby recently and I do it for fun. What have I learned after successfully sold them for a good price?


Firstly I offer them to my friend and college. Usually no one interested or even someone has been interested but aim to buy much much lower than price I have offered. Well, it means I should find other area where greater demand available: Online forum.

Kaskus & OLX

These online forum provide users to display used equipment to potential buyers. Not meant to say only used equipment is able to be traded here, user also able to sell brand new equipment. I would set the price and usually buyer would ask to lower the price. If price has not been deal yet, I usually just refuse to sell and asking them politely to find another seller.

Tips for selling in Kaskus: Include your phone number, usually buyer do not want to take time sending Private Message (PM) to deal the price.

How Do I Set The Price?

Used equipment (<1 year) is more likely able to be sold more than 70% original price. Original box and complete document to claim warranty are plus added value to make your offering higher.

But not applied to electronic, especially when the next generation already launched. Price usually drop below 70%. As long as it has no issues, your price would be still as high as possible.

Used equipment (1-2 years) is usually has 30%-50% of original price as market price. If your warranty is still valid to claim after 1 year, it helps you to stay on high offering. Always extend your warranty plan for your electronic.

Anyway by the way I still have some goods for you to buy, send me PM if you are interested, promise you would have the very special net price for that

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