UberFamily is Coming!

After launching UberBusiness, recently Uber Jakarta just launched UberFamily as solution for your family ride. No need to hand your family member another credit card or cash, Uber let us to use single point of payment which would be consolidated bill when your family take rides.

You may read my post first (in Indonesian) about Uber in case you do not know what Uber actually is. Use UBERAMYUNUS as promo code to get 75K IDR off to your first ride with Uber. Or sign up here to get your free ride!

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Why Uber?

Beside it is cheap, my reason to pick Uber as a ride is seamless payment. In my case, I am using credit card but in the near future I hope Uber is expanding other cashless payment alternative. I just take a ride and then arrive at destination without any cash in hand. Usually I give Uber Partner* my Mandiri E-Money to pay toll fees.

Other reason is we could rate partner directly, I mean if they have bad service, we could rate them 1 star and send report to Uber to follow up those trouble partners.

For example I had two bad experiences with Uber, one of them I still remember is when I took Uber form airport. Partner took wrong route which made us reach destination further and longer duration than it should be. After I arrived home, I sent report to Uber to claim trip fees and they refunded me difference between amount I had paid to amount I used to pay on normal route. Amazing!


Uber is just another traffic jam and pollution contributor

For your information, there is a service from Uber which called as UberPOOL. That service would provide solution to share our ride to others who also have the same route. So instead of 4 person take 4 Uber ride on the same route, they could ride on 1 car. It is much more cheaper, contribute less on traffic jam and pollution, and at least contribute to make a better city.

While it is already covered to some areas such as NYC and India, it is not available yet in Indonesia.

* In case you are confused what is Uber Partner, it was term for drivers who are using Uber

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