Unfavored Public Transportation

I have love and hate relationship which public transportation. Sometimes I favor them and sometimes I do not. In case you have not visited Jakarta yet, there are quite lot options of public transportation in there. It has commuter line (train), TransJakarta (bus), Mayasari Bakti (bus by private company), Kopaja / Metro Mini (mini-bus), and taxi as usual. There is also angkot which I think only available on Jakarta suburbs.

I have posted this a few years ago but I would like to make new version of it.

Things I favor


Commuter Line and TransJakarta are absolutely seriously freaking cheap. You have to pay ONLY 3,5K IDR to take ride from West Jakarta to East Jakarta which around 20 km far away. Other alternatives are also cheap, at least compared to taxi or Uber. Not meant to say Uber is public transportation but who is still taking ride with taxi over Uber?

Now it is already provide cash as payment option if no credit card presented. Also you may get 75K IDR for free into your first ride with Uber by using UBERAMYUNUS as promo code. Or just easily sign up here to get the voucher.

Easy Access

Going from West Jakarta to East Jakarta? Easy peasy, go to train station or bus shelter, Commuter Line and TransJakarta will get you there. Special case for Mayasari Bakti, Kopaja, Metro Mini, we may take a ride by only standing on the roadside, no need to go to shelter.

Things I do not

Uncomfortable, Insecure, Inefficient

Imagine it was on after office hour, thousands people queueing on the station and shelter, taking ride the bus, which often not sitting in it but standing for hours due to traffic jam. Not meant to say it is dangerous but we have to be aware of our belonging from thief. Also do not draw attention by wearing expensive look jewelry or gadgets on the public area.

Even if it was not after office hour, driver would wait passenger on the roadside. After sometime or bus already enough passengers, then driver would run the vehicle slowly to take other passengers. If you rushing to get arrived to your destination, public transportation would not be your option.

Uncertain Availability and Time

I had been waiting bus for half of an hour standing on side of the road. It was 9 PM and no any bus were coming. I started to wonder whether any traffic diversion, was it on the way, or even bus was not available anymore at the time. I have no idea and I could not take any action beside keep waiting on the roadside. (I got the bus anyway)

Exception for Commuter Line which usually gives announcement if any information need for passengers such as location of the train. Not in the station? You may download the application for Android and iOS here to get the latest updates of your train. Also TransJakarta even available for 24 hours, though only certain routes available.

Incomplete Information

I often find difficulties on finding the route which would bring me from point A to point B. What public transportation I should use, what time I should leave and would arrive, also how much cost I should bring on my pocket. Google Maps has features on that but sometimes its suggestions algorithm should be repaired to be better. Frankly speaking, sometimes it is not accurate enough.

Exception for Commuter Line and TransJakarta, they provide route map even schedule for its departure and arrival. You may look them on official website krl.co.id and transjakarta.co.id.

Cashless Payment Is Not Available

Some bus operators already accept electronic money but only for some routes. It would be awesome if all public transportation accept cashless payment and how much we pay are calculated accurately. “Jauh Dekat Sama Saja” rule would not exist anymore.

Exception for Commuter Line and TransJakarta, both already accept electronic money as payment method.

Hopefully our transportation would be better in the near future. Anyway what is your favor and not to public transportation? Share them below

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