Want To Vlog? Try Quik!

Do you still remember an idea about a mobile application to create Vlog? It is already exist and it is awesome. You may try Quik in iOS and Android, just pick your footages and it would automatically create your video.

Previously named as Replay and it was acquired by GoPro on February 2016.


Any example?

Please refer to below video as sample video by using Quik Application

How To Create One Using It?

It is user friendly but here is the video how to create an easy one.

I got copyright notice on YouTube, is it OK?

I had been also experiencing this after I used song which was offered by Quik in the application. Do not worry, your account will not get strike and they would put ads on it. I suggest you to use song in YouTube Audio Library to avoid this issue. You may refer to Quik page for further information.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 19.43.32

Anymore Questions?

You may go ahead to its FAQ and Tips page for more information. Including how to record video using smartphone and creating video using Quik.

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