Eat Your Breakfast

Some people seem to pay more attention to its diet when they want to loose weight or shaping body. Though actually they should do it every single day. Even more shaping body is not only about limiting diet but also getting exercise to maintain the metabolism of your body.

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We are talking the first definition, not second one.


Gain much energy in the morning you would need through out the day. Your activities would burn the energy instead of transforming them into fat. Morning is the best time to consume protein, egg is easiest and best option here.

Do not forget to drink mineral water as soon as you wake up.


Eat less in the afternoon but still have a good lunch. Be warned to not get too much or it might have you sleepy afterwards. Especially on sugar.


Restricted no heavy meal at night, I mean less carbs or less protein here. More important thing is not too late, try to have dinner not more than 8pm. Why? Our body metabolism / activities mostly get slower and energy are less burned. So it would take hours to be digested.

In Summary…

Having good diet is not about limiting what to eat and what is not to eat. But it is much more about managing calories and ingredients. Some say being healthy is expensive but there should be any way to make it as low as possible.

I am not really a diet expert but I got that principle about having diet. I am also not too strict on it. Sometimes I break the rules and ignore it. Because I want to be healthy not being hungry.

Share below your diet experience or knowledge below if you have any

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