(IDEA) TCASH on Drive Thru Minimarket

Telkomsel and any minimarket management, I tell you an awesome idea which likely is the future, drive thru minimarket. How does it work? And why not other providers?


Why do we need that?

For customer, it makes shopping in minimarket more secure, easier, and faster. Why more secure? Customer do not need to leave the vehicle out of the store and also customer do not need to meet someone who suddenly appeared in front of vehicle and asking tip for nothing.

For owner, it requires less space and people. Even it would not need any people involved and it is functioned as vending machine. Operational cost would be much less than normally do. That cost could be used for something else such as stock inventory.


Why Telkomsel?

Because it has TCASH that using NFC technology to perform transaction. Now named as TCASH TAP as a main product of this electronic money. Customer just tap the sticker, which able to be sticked on mobile phone, to tap reader machine and perform transaction.

If anyone of you do not know yet what is T-Cash, it is an electronic money offered by Telkomsel, recently being ‘re-lauched’ last year. You could use T-Cash which has similar features to your bank account such as paying bill, online shopping payment, money transfer, and other transactions, including payment in minimarket. You could visit its official website for more information and find any discount promotion of many merchants.

What if not Telkomsel?

Actually providers other than Telkomsel also able to join this market as long as their eclectronic money support online payment. Though, it would not give the same easy experience of shopping on drive thru minimarket using NFC tag, but it is possible. I would explain further below how.

beta-bg-mobileSo how does it actually work?

Customer order

Firstly, customer need to order items using an application or mobile website, you name it. Online payment technology required and customer need to pay purchased item before getting to the store. Since it is the safest method for pilot project and in future minimarket could consider the risk and accept payment on the store.

Sure after that, customer would get the receipt. Afterwards, customer could go to the store to get the items. Special for electronic money other than TCASH TAP, system is required to produce barcode or QR code which able to be easily read by machine on the store.

Customer get purchased item

Customer who has TCASH TAP, just need to tap its sticker on the reader machine. Or need to show barcode or QR code to the reader machine. System would identify customer and then deliver items which have been purchased via system.



Actually there is a concept of drive thru minimarket, even illustrated in video. But this idea is already adjusted to adopt current technology and resources which already exist in Indonesia. So win win solution for future.

Any feedbacks or additional idea?

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