Live Your Life

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, lost her husband a year ago and recently she shared how she had learned about death along last year to graduates. She gave commencement speech on University of California Berkeley’s graduation. And here is what she has learned.

Three P’s

Personalise, Pervasiveness, and Permanence. Everyone has their failure on something but we should not take it personally since it does not reflect to our core character. We should not let it pervaded every part of our life and recognising it as not permanent. The deepest grief does not last forever, unabated.

She also admit that her husband’s death helped her to find deeper gratitudes on her families, friends, and her children. She hoped we also could find such gratitudes not only in easy days but also in hard days like she did. “I hope that you live your life—each precious day of it—with joy and meaning.”

Watch her commencement speech on UC Berkeley’s YouTube channel or read the full transcript on UC Berkeley website.

Featured image taken from UC Berkeley’s website

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