Today I Read

To balance writing activities, I should increase my habit to read. It took sometime for me to list some posts I favourite. And I would like to share them to you.

  1. I have the list of the best speeches in 2016, in case you need more inspirational commencements.
  2. Spotify earned ads revenue (10%) and subscription fee (90%). Still, it record net loss of $194M in that period. Free tier (70% users) is not proven yet to lead into profitability.
  3. Building habit to achieve resolution is not overnight success.
  4. Could Angry Birds hit Box Office? Yes. It is successfully earning $39M in opening weekend, over Captain America: Civil War. My guess was right but I am not sure for movie Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed.
  5. To my friends and college, I share the reason why I do have many clothes on the same colour and model.

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