I Have Failed But I Am Not A Failure

He crashed while flying near the cliff and fell off to the ground afterwards. He did the recovery for months and he was back, ready to fly again. He said his mistake was being fearless. Wait what? Watch the video to find the complete stories.

Fear To Fail

I took the message of that video differently. By listening to the near end narrative of the video, I was thinking about failure. And why people threat them differently. Some might afraid to fail, some might not take it personally, some might love to fail, even they encourage you to fail.

What I understand about why people likely afraid to fail. They are afraid after having it, they would not be able to do things they usually do before having it. People are afraid that failure would change them and would change everything around them. They fear losing them, not fear to fail.

What if failure does not change everything?

Or does it?

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