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Yesterday I used Go-Box to move all of my goods moved into the new living place, again. It was easy, transparent price, and good driver. I estimated (and also surveyed too) if I used convenient way, I would get price doubled compared to Go-Box offering for 11 km distance.

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First time was about years ago, when I moved from Depok to Tangerang, I was still able to use taxi to contain all goods and equipment. Then I moved to Alam Sutera, I realised I was not able to use taxi again to contain them. I rented pick up box though it did not fully utilize all of the spaces.

Yesterday those spaces were fully utilised, OMG!


How to use Go-Box?

Open Go-Jek application and choose Go-Box service. Pick the type of vehicle and input all of the information related to pick up place, destination (single or multiple drop offs), details of goods, pick up time, and insurance (!). I guess insurance is the best thing about this service but I do not know how is the experience to claim. Thank God I did not require this, means my shipping was all good. Please read terms and condition to make sure Go-Box disallow your item to deliver. Then click Book, application would search partners for you.

More information

Please visit Go-Box official website ( for more information or questions. Install the application on iOs or Android.

How was your experience using the service?

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3 thoughts on “Go-Box Experience

  1. You have a quite lot of stuff ya :p *salah fokus*
    Mmm I never use that service, i just wonder if my stuff is not enough in one time shipping, should I book again on the application and get another partner hmm..


    1. Good question! I think we have two options here,
      1. Book the largest pick up or two small pick ups
      2. Discuss with partner and pay double of estimated tariff by Go-Jek


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