Attempt to Recovery

Last month was a blast, I tried to recover the habit which I have lost since doing the project. I have tried to post every single day ever since, for every moments and ideas which I think worth to share. And it was almost success!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 05.35.47

Nearly every day in a month I have posted something to this blog. Until I thought it does not need to be every single day to post. It does not need the quantity but quality of the content. So I have another strategy to fill this blog.

I just need to post frequently in certain days, let’s say once or twice a week. And also I need to leverage the content. I have posted various topic on this blog and I do not need to find another new idea. I just need to create more content about it, digging it, deeper and deeper.

So let’s get ready!


Anything to be shared? Leave them below...

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