(IDEA) AngkotHub App

I use public transportation usually in far trip or in simple route trip by having transit as minimum as possible.

For work, it requires me 1 km walk to nearest public transportation and transit at least twice. Then I should walk less than 500 m to the bus shelter which take me to my workplace building shelter. Also it might take at least 2 hours trip on the road each trip, so it would require at least 4 hours for me to go work and home every workday. So it is a big no no for me to take public transportation for work.

Read previous post as initial problems that lead into this post as proposed solution: Unfavored Public Transportation

Our public transportation have problems nowadays and we have to do something to fix them. And I have an idea to fix some of them by creating mobile application similar to Uber, GrabCar, Go-Car, etc. This idea is proposed to the management of public transportation such as angkot, kopaja, metromini, Mayasari Bakti, Primajasa, etc.


Let’s call it as,


What does this app do? First, AngkotHub would be able to recommend to user which transportation to be used for point A to point B. Second, AngkotHub would have complete information of our public transportation stored into application database. Information that are stored into database are Third, AngkotHub allow user to contribute to add/modify/report public transportation info if not exist yet or not applicable anymore.

This is basic features, we need to enhance. Sure it is not enough to compete with UberPool. So another idea which just not an app is device required to be installed in every public transportation. Currently Jakarta already utilised this for passengers to ride Commuter Line and TransJakarta.

Say NO to ‘ngetem’


This idea is actually similar to Drive Thru Minimarket. Passenger is required to tap smartphone or card to installed devide to start and end the trip of that public transportation. Device would be able to send information to server which could be useful for drivers and passengers.

Active devices would tell passengers that there are still any public transportation operated at the time, how many, where they are located in real time. Driver also able to track how many passengers are available to be picked up along the way. So NO need to ‘ngetem’ anymore, a term that used when driver waiting in uncertain time on the sideroad for any passengers. Also by using it when start and end every trip, system would be able to estimate fare price to be debited to passenger electronic money.


How does it work?

Passenger requests for a public transportation

By enabling this feature, passenger is able to find specific information of selected public transportation such as availability, current location, route, and also tariff.

Passenger starts and ends the ride

If passenger has smartphone, they could use their smartphone to use TapToRide feature. Or if they also can use their electonic money which also available in card-form to use such feature. They tap smartphone or card to the device and they are ready to take the ride. At the end of trip, they are required to tap again to end the trip. Debit account could be performed at the beginning of the ride or ending the ride. But it is recommended to debit account before passengers taking the ride.

What if passengers does not have cash?

Passengers could use driver card as temporary media for taking the ride and they could make payment in cash.


Benefits for the company

Beside able to compete with UberPool, company able to gather data accurately of the trips. How many total and average passengers on the rides, estimation of required available vehicles in a route and time range, and price adjustment if any promotion given. Data also could be used for tracking performance of each driver.

Any similar application which already provide such solutions? Tell me in the comments below

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