Wireless is Future

I got wireless my headphone, earbud, even phone charger. I do not see many benefits from being wired on those gadgets. Using headphone as easy as pairing them and you are good to go. Using earbud, tap to the phone using NFC to automatically pair and it is good to go. Charging your phone as simply putting it on the table and it is already charging. No more glitchy wires.

Headphone sales
Source: https://www.theatlas.com/charts/HJnL1WYd

One thing,

Being wired, a headphone able to produce better audio than wireless one. Also wireless headphone need to be charged and has short time use. Being wired, a smartphone able to be charged faster than wireless one. But wireless now is more common in the market, even reported bluetooth headphone already outsold the wired one. I am pretty sure product would developed better and better.


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