Understanding Coffee

Coffee shop is selling espresso (concentrated coffee) as their basic menu. But customer may personalise or customise their drink by adding some flavour, milk, etc. Now coffee shop already provide popular menu to standardise what the actual drink they able to provide in the store.

Espresso variants

If you are confused about those menu, you are not alone. I am also having lack understanding of coffee menu. Guess what, I mostly just order caffè americano (coffee and water).

As of my understanding, adding milk to your coffee then it is called caffè latte. We may add thin steamed milk foam on it (caffè macchiato), or thicker (caffè cappuccino), or even thicker (caffè mocha). There are more menu that you may find on the store.

If you are on diet or pay attention on the nutrition to what you eat and drink, Starbucks provides more information about their beverages. You may refer to official website to find the detail. Mocha has most calories among menu since it has more carbs.

Beyond espresso

What makes coffee special is not only the menu. But also the variants of the coffee bean, brewing the coffee, drip or french press, or even degree of the water you pour to make the coffee. Me, personally do not even understand the difference between them. Probably you may share them below.

Which one is your favourite?



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