Kompas Digital 71% Discount

Kompas discount 71%

Newspaper is dead, isn’t it?

Kompas discount reminds me to an old article in 2012 about newspaper advertising revenue was falling to the beginning of 1950. The power of digital has disrupted how newspaper media work and earn money. But not all online media are good and happy to earn money over conventional newspaper.

GigaOm was dead in March 2015 due to its business model: ad-funded editorial, conference, and research subscription. Then it was going back to life again on September 2015 (kind of). Some people noticed that people behind the media were already different and it should affect much on the writing style and quality.

So what is the ideal business model for online media?

No exact business model is good for all media. It depends on the coverage, audience, and main topic of the media. The easy part is advertising, whether an ad on the article page or advertorial. But media would need very much advertising to keep the business running. Just look detik.com which has many annoying pop up ad everywhere. Other media apply subscription business model for full access to its content.

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Rich content

Not only text and single image, online media enable reader to get richer content by embedding multiple images and also video. As people keep innovating and exploring how digital works, online media also should innovate to provide content better or in different way. Kompas has a good way to merging its conventional media to online media by providing link to reader access the richer content. But does it effective?

Grab it fast!

Anyway Kompas discount is only running until 31 August 2016. Go subscribe and enjoy Kompas Kiosk content across platform: PC, Android, and iOS. Instead of pay 500K IDR, it is only 153.410 IDR for a year membership. Not only credit card, you are able to pay using other payment method such as BCA KlikPay, Mandiri e-cash, Mandiri clickpay, bank transfer, etc.

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Do you run online media? Which business model you have to run it?