Alcohol Mouthwash

Do you know there are alcohol in the mouthwash and it is bad for you?

Listerine mouthwash
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Brushing teeth is not enough. Do it properly by using the good brush and doing it the right way. Plus do not rinse mouth with water after that. Rinse it using mouthwash. That would not waste the fluoride on the toothpaste. It covers what toothbrush does not. It also kill the bacteria and prevent the plaque on the teeth.

I just realised recently I used mouthwash that contains alcohol. Then I check related information and found that better to use free alcohol mouthwash. Well, research said it does not related to cause cancer. But better to avoid, rite?

Pro Tip

  1. Use free alcohol mouthwash since alcohol mouthwash does not do more effective.
  2. Do not use mouthwash often. Some said twice a day max. But personally, I use it once a day at night.
  3. Better consult to your dentist.

Do you rinse with water or mouthwash after brushing your teeth?