Welcome Uberville!

Finally taxi is getting better, since Uber appear to disrupt how service should be offered to customer. Finally they offer good mobile application, cashless payment, and even better car. But remember Uber is not even transportation company. It is only a company who facilitate peer to peer service via mobile application.

Why Uber is freaking success?

Because they know the exact problem and tackling it on their own way. Problems are exist but big guys do not want to change. They think they are invincible but apparently they do not. So Uber build solution to solve the problem and empower people to participate solving the problem.


Do you know UberPOOL which enable two random passenger to ride same car on the same route? Uber want it it bigger by enable more people on the ride, using bus. Sooner or later, public transportation should change or being replaced by Uber.

A good writing and idea about Uberville that describe how Uber able to fulfil on people mobility. Even people do not need to buy private car anymore. (If you prefer Indonesian version, click here). But probably Uber is not really ideal in Indonesia, since it is likely that the Uber spirit to empower people over ride sharing is not applicable here. You may refer to a good and interesting writing series about Uber.

Self driving car is the future

The big idea of self driving car is about solving big problem on traffic over years. It could save time and energy that people have wasted on the road. Well, now it is not really that perfect but technology is keep evolving to provide better and safer solution to people. Is it possible that in next few years Uber would have partnership with self driving taxi company in Singapore? Let’s see.



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