Snoozing is good for you

No, it is not. Why?

8 hours sleep

Research said that people who have six-hours sleep for two weeks straight performing as poorly as people who has no sleep or staying awake for two days. In the same research, people who have four-hours sleep are the worst each day. So how much hours we should put into our sleep? 8 hours is best but maybe 7 hours or even 9 hours are also good.

Well everyone has different need amount of sleep. Baby need more than 10 hours sleep or even almost full day for newborn. But usually newborn sleep pattern is sleep-awake-sleep-awake-sleep-etc between every 3-4 hours as they need to feed.

It is hard to manage to sleep

It is easy to make us asleep, actually by managing our hormone named melatonin. This hormone helps us to stay alert and by day, melatonin is absolutely absent. This hormone is growingly produced at evening, usually start from 9 PM.

Stop staring any screens at night, at least 1 hour to sleep. Including television, computer, and also smartphone. If you plan to sleep at 10 PM, stop staring them before 9 PM.

Make you body feels relax, such as taking warm water bath. It helps a lot, trust me. I do not know drinking chocolate milk is good or not before going to bed. But usually I use it to make body relaxing when going to sleep.


It is hard to wake up

Alarm is bad, it actually disrupts your sleep pattern. When you set it incorrectly, you may feel groggy after wake up and disoriented. Also when you press the snooze button, it would disrupt your next sleep. You may never feel not sleeping enough because of it.

To make yourself bright-eyed, firstly push yourself to wake up immediately then take bath with cold water. It is better to get exercise under the sun. It helps your body to produce more cortisol, the opposite of melatonin.

Power nap is good

It makes your alert increase and also significantly improve learning and memory recall. Usually it takes 20-30 minutes on the mid day or early afternoon. Keep it less than 30 minutes or you may feel groggy or sleep inertia after that. In this case, use alarm to help you awake since during that time, your sleep is light sleep stage and it is okay to be disrupted.