You are being watched, no joke

Someone ever there is watching you through your device, such as your phone and your laptop, then your chats, your emails, etc etc. They able to see you through your webcam and listen microphone, also your browser history, your location at the time, etc and etc. They also know what you text, who you text with, your conversation, duration call, location, etc and etc.

In short, someone is tracking everything from you electronically

If you prefer explanation in Bahasa Indonesia, you may watch this excellent video by KokBisa. The description also linked many reference about this topic. Well, if you are very interested about this one, you may digging them one by one.
By Alec Perkins

Mass surveillance program issue has been raised by Edward Snowden in 2013. Since then, various acts have been conducted by public to revenge the law being approved by Congress. The Day We Fight Back, was one of them. The action was held to continue what Aaron Swartz fought before his death and also the response of Snowden act about mass surveillance program.

It is possible and recently many movies are actually exposing how current technology work. It is not the future, it is now. Such as Eye In The Sky (2015), that exposed how drone technology is used as a warfare tool to fight terrorism. Jason Bourne (2016), also exposed how big brother on technology company is forced to give the personal data of their users to government company. Or even The Dark Knight (2008), also exposed how surveillance technology could be used to build a virtual reality using signal of your cellphone.

Related to Snowden, recently there is a ‘dramatised’ story of his titled Snowden, acted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It is a good movie to increase awareness of the mass surveillance issue nowadays. If you notice, in some scenes, reporter took shots while intervieweing Snowden. Actually she is creating the documentary film and it is also published and titled Citizenfour. The famous interview that revealed Snowden as the whistleblower also published by The Guardian in YouTube.

Well, do not do stupid things in front of your webcam or even around your device. Someone over there is watching you. Let’s elaborate below about your thoughts related to this mass surveillance issue.