Casey Neistat Ending The Vlog

It’s over.

Casey Neistat already satisfied to his daily vlog. He found the pattern on creating the vlog and get bored of it. He wanted something more challenging. Instead of enjoying his success on YouTube by creating daily vlog, he quit and decided to make something more thoughtful video and more efforts video to be made into his channel.


Well, it is a bit sad. Watching his video is being a habit for me. Spending my internet data plan to watch his daily activities or thoughts in his channel. For you who are also the Casey video fans, we shared the same feeling.

For you who do not know yet who the heck is Casey Neistat, he is a film-maker before being a YouTuber. His daily vlog is crafted every single day sleeplessly. His time-lapse, aerial footage, are stunning. He knows how to craft story telling into a single video with great quality of content. He do all of them, alone. He has changed the game of long-boring-shot-daily-vlog video.

Here to tease you who he is.

Sure there are more of my favourites video. I listed it here.


Anything to be shared? Leave them below...

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