Extended Warranty

Two days ago, I purchased an extended warranty license for my MacBook Pro (2015). It extends the warranty up to 3 years after I purchased the item. I think every MacBook owner should buy too. We never know what is the build quality of our purchased item. Do not get me wrong, I believe the build quality is great but I do not think it is 100%, perhaps 99% of all items sold. And we never know our purchased item is 1% of them. And in my opinion, the warranty means company has the confidence that their product has good lifetime before warranty expired. If warranty is about 1 year, company believe that the product is good for 1 year, and so on.

I’d rather buy the license than worrying when the item would be broken sometime in the next 3 years. I would not know how much I should pay to fix the broken item. I would not know where to find the item to fix it. But when you have the warranty, Apple will replace your broken item with the brand new one rather than fixing it. It should work perfectly, rite?

3 Januari 2017

Today, I asked Sony whether they also provide the extended warranty. They answered no, they do not have such product for now. I was kinda disappointed and started worrying the product I have purchased. The product warranty is 1 year but purchasing expensive electronic good in 1 year warranty is not enough. I want the confidence proof that company would guarantee that the product is good more than 1 year.

Do you also think extended warranty is worth it?