Kopi Manyar

I went to find dinner around Bintaro, actually. So I am not commenting the coffee one yet. Maybe later since this coffee shop seems to be a good place to find silences and doing work. Well, I keep you updated later on.


Fried rice and fried banana

Both are just so so but fried banana using chocolate as its sauce is new thing for me, for sure. Price average is standard restaurant, except the coffee. You may find other references for that.

One thing that we noticed last night were SC 5% (service charge) added to our bill. But actually we ordered the menu on the cashier, took the food by ourself, even put the food in certain place. Probably we have different definition of service then.



Food: ★★★★★


Price: ★★★★★

It is a good place for mini gathering (4-8 persons). If you could serve the room, it might good for 12-16 persons. Being alone, doing homework or work, is also good. I do not know the situations in the afternoon but last night were not crowded. It might be good to be your second home for work.


The coffee aroma is also strong. I bet coffee lover would love that. They have many techniques to make the coffee.

Ah one more thing, there is a gallery exhibition that you might take a look around. Not sure actually what it is. But interior design of this coffee shop is pretty good.