Foldable Electric Scooter as Solution of Easy Access to Public Transportation

I have a lot of rants in this blog related to Transportation and I found the solution. Eureka! I have described the main problem of public transportation and also the idea of mobile application that enable people easier to use them. But I think one of the problem that I also been thinking about is going to the shelter where public transportation is available.

Public transportation might be everywhere. At Jakarta, we have many of them such as TransJakarta, bus, mini bus, and also angkot. But most of us prefer using private transportation since distance between home to public transportation is far away. Let’s say it is 1-2 km, some people would say it is near distance to walk on. We are not that lazy, sure we might walk but we would end up in sweat under the heat of sun, moreover we might have heavy load in our bag.

I have been thinking about the solution that something like a bike but it is so small and we can bring it everywhere, inside bus, train, office, even minimarket, or supermarket. Lately I found this piece of technology made by URB-E and spontaneously surprising me, “Awesome!”.

Could we have this technology become mass product and become much much cheaper. We need this one!