Quitting Facebook

I already quit Facebook since long long time ago. I think it was around 2011/2012 so it is 5-6 years already. Why? Because it was too addictive and I got a little benefit from it. I How about connecting with friends and family? Now we have WhatsApp that is lighter and more ubiquitous. Moreover, when many hoax news appeared on Facebook, I was like, “Lucky I did the right thing”.

After Facebook, I use Twitter and following people who I do not know in real life. I use it to keep me updated with current news or recent technology. I prefer Twitter over Facebook since I could follow random people without any acceptance. Twitter timeline could be official, personal, and also conversational. It could be serious and also humorous. I love it.


But I think I have gone too far. Early morning after being awake, checking twitter. Getting home, instead of cleaning the mess, checking twitter. Before getting into the bed, checking twitter, even being asleep while checking on it. I lost my time which I could use for exercising, writing, and reading, instead of checking people blabs on Twitter.

Lately I am thinking I would like to do the same thing. Well, not drastically quit and stop using it but probably I limit accessing it. Perhaps only in early morning, late evening, or occasionally. Such as waiting for airplane boarding, queueing for checking out in supermarket, etc.

Who does think that internet is really addictive. It is dangerous if we can not handle it. Internet is the new cigarette/beer?

Internet Literacy

Speaking of easy access to information due to internet / social media, people really need to verify the news before re-sharing it to their timeline. It is already occurred Facebook, Twitter, or even WhatsApp. I understand verification step is taking a bit extra work but it is worth to take. At least we take a bit step further to ensure that news is worth for people to know.


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