The Reason I Would Like to Choose iPhone over Android

I do not have any iPhone yet. Why? I do not build an app on iOS and I hate iPhone battery, it does not come long lasting as I ever expect. On the other hand, I also have reasons why I would like to choose iPhone over Android. (Yeah, I also love the picture taken from iPhone)

Product Lifetime

Big news reported last week when Google announce that they would not update Nexus 6 to Nougat 7.1.2. Well, they just remind the device owners that their device will not get the latest OS version. Since they already declare they will only support the device until October 2016, 2 years after product is released. Note that other OEM might provide OS update longer than 2 years but it might not as often as updates from Google for its Stock Android.

While Android device is guaranteed OS support for 2 years, Apple guaranteed they will support for 4 years. Some of us might ignore the OS update since new product features and product security updates are not the primary needs. But it might be a strong point for you tech-savvy who worry about the long lasting device but always download the latest updates so it always feel like brand new one.

3 Januari 2017

Extended Warranty

Usually electronic device has 1 year warranty for its device and I have bad experience about this. My mirrorless camera (Lumix GM1) is broken in 1 year 4 month after I purchased it online, the lens to be exact. I brought it to service centre but they refused to fix since they had no spare part of it. If only the camera has valid warranty, they would like to replace my broken lens with brand new one.

I do not know Apple but it does make sense when your device is broken and still in warranty period, they would take it as product defect and replace it with the new one. So for iPhone-owner who want to claim warranty, please back up your device. Do not expect it would be you will get device that you give to them, it might be completely new.

I love Apple who provides extended warranty to their product. It might cost a bit more but we never know what could happened to the very expensive iPhone after 1 year warranty expired, rite? Extended warranty means the company would guarantee that their product is good as long as the warranty. So for Apple product owner, any device, I recommend you to purchase the Apple Care Extended Warranty. You might realise that the cost of Apple Care is truly worth it than fixing it out of warranty.